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Who Says Elderly Dogs Aren’t as Cute as Pups?

Puppies steal people’s hearts. But then they age and cease to elicit as many “awws” as they once did. Canadian photographer Pete Thorne wondered why. So the 35-year-old set out to photograph elderly dogs in a project he’s titled: “Old Faithful.” The goal is to show the beauty and grace of older pets. Along the way, Thorne makes you think about how we see these traits in people, too.

7 old faithful sheba_3533.jpg
1 old faithful jackson_4431.jpg
2 old faithful colonel_6672.jpg
3 old faithful spud-596-1.jpg
4 old faithful hazel_7297.jpg
5 old faithful benjamin_7809.jpg
6 old faithful stella chihuahua-1356.jpg


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