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What I've learned about elders in Japan

The reason for the high population of senior citizens in Japan is that many Japanese live to be well over 100 years old. Some reasons attributed to the longevity include:

  • Strong community bonds

  • Plenty of exercise

  • Healthy, low-fat diet

  • Low stress way of live

Further, what allows older Japanese to have all of the above includes community and family support. Commonly the following are true, and can only be accomplished by government policy, family support and community involvement.

  • Generally, the elderly are treated with the utmost respect

  • Many Japanese have several generations living under the same roof

  • The Japanese work as long as they can, sometimes into their 80's and 90's

  • Elders in Japan try to make the most out of their daily life and fill their days with enriching activities, including having a busy social life


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