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3 Discoveries About Reinvention

Mark S. Walton, Boundless Potential. Three life-altering discoveries about what we need to do to reinvent ourselves at midlife and beyond.

1. We need to stress our brains. In the past decade, state-of-the-art neuroscience has revealed that, after age 45 or so, our brains are programmed to generate extraordinary new creative skills and intellectual powers that were unavailable to us earlier in life.

2. We need to think and act entrepreneurially. A growing number of men and women are learning how to successfully leverage this inborn potential after 50. But rather than subjecting themselves to the vagaries of the job market, they’re creating long-term success by inventing profitable new careers, businesses and avenues for social impact that can — and do —extend well into their 70s, 80s, even 90s.

3. We need to “pay it forward.” Longevity experts are increasingly convinced that doing the kind of work that “pays it forward” to future generations also pays us back through our own long-term health and happiness.

Read more at Next Avenue.


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