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Help! I'm ready to retire but I still need a job

I really enjoyed reading this article in USA Today by Rodney Brooks in October, 2013.

The three takaways I got were:

  1. One of the reasons older people are out of work is because of age discrimination. With more than twenty years experience in HR I know discriminating against those that are older (too experienced in hiring language) exists, but I am still pleased at the honesty of this article.

  2. Health reasons is one of the major reasons why older people retire early and or are unable to continue working when they need to. Since I come from a long family history with centarians, I had not considered this as a major reason, but rather a choice to retire.

  3. Finally, there are some real important practical things one can do to make your trasition to a working retirement easier.

  • Start planning long before you retire.

  • If possible, stay in your current job, even if it's in a reduced capacity, or stay with your current employer.

  • Consider turning a hobby into a job or business.

  • Be prepared to make less money — a lot less.


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