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4 Simple Ways To Test Your Longevity

1. The Balance Test See how long you can stand on just one leg. Then count how many times you can sit down and get up from a chair in one minute.

2. The Sit-And-Rise Test OK... this is one a bit of a workout. Using as little support from your body as you need, try sitting down and then getting up from the floor. Don't worry about being fast.

3. The Grip-Strength Test Who knew your handshake could be so telling? While a strong, firm handshake is often viewed as a sign of confidence, it can also be an indicator of your longevity.

4. The Walking Speed Test As they say, a body in motion, stays in motion. Researchers have long used gait speed to measure overall health in older adults and studies show that older adults who walk faster tend to live longer than their slower-walking counterparts.

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