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Post 50 Fashion Tips 

Add some color.

Tip 1

Add a splash of color to any outfit.  Start with one of your base colors--black, brown, taupe, grey or white--and then add a vibrant colored scarf or bright polo shirt that will add youth and personality to your look.  

Tip 2

Load up on the basics.

Every seniors closet should have the basics--pants, tops, sweaters and jackets--in the core base colors black, brown, taupe, white and grey. The basics should be easily put on and taken off, machine washable, cost effective, comfortable and flattering.   

Tip 3

Get a great pair of walking shoes.

Cary Zinkin, DPM, podiatric sports physician and spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), offers his essential tips for choosing the right shoe for every foot @


Above are three recommendations from Dr. Zinkin.

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