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About Post 50

Hello, I’m Paula Bogard.  I am in my upper forties, have twin boys in elementary school, two lovely dogs and a patient and all around great husband.  In 2013, and after over twenty years in Human Resources, I retuned to my entrepreneurial roots and creative spirit that was not being totally fulfilled in the corporate environment.  I started a homemade dog food delivery service, Chomp & Nibble, Inc., which is still operating, albeit at a very minimal level. In addition, there are a handful of undeveloped inventions and ideas that have only made it to a detailed picture on a notepad.      


During this midlife transition from Human Resources to something else, I developed an interest in almost everything related to aging. Post 50 started as a personal documented exploration into what life will be like as I grow older; from very practical considerations like will my spouse and I have enough savings to retire, to the superficial concerns like when do I change my fashion style from hip to more conservatively.   


In addition to pursuing innovations and my entrepreneurial aspirations, I will be researching, posting, sharing and learning all about life post 50.  I hope you enjoy this journey with me and find the information posted helpful, interesting, encouraging, and entertaining.  

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